Rev1 Energy is an independent, technology driven commissioning services firm focused on increasing safety, efficiency, and transparency through the use of proprietary technology spanning the full asset lifecycle of energy projects around the world.

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Every logo tells a story.

Rev1 Energy's redesigned logo is a story of growth, inclusion, and global development. As the world becomes more connected, talent in emerging regions is crucial to the development of nations and the world. Rev1 Energy is dedicated to expanding the knowledge of commissioning and startup services of energy projects around the world. We are investing in local development, creating local offices to bolster local economies, train and transfer knowledge to the local workforce, and do our part to aid in the growth of the countries in which we work. As depicted with the globe surrounded by a seamlessly rotating network of support, Rev1 Energy can provide the expertise, technology, and talent to the farthest reaches of the world. We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of commissioning services and technology to clients, globally with a local feel.