Safety is Universal

Rev1 Energy takes a proactive stance on safety in every area of our business. From pre-mobilization safety training to onsite continuing safety education to office preparedness training, we require our personnel to adhere to rigorous safety standards regardless of their location around the world. Instilling a safety culture is the key to driving safety led values for every Rev1 Energy employee. Regardless of location, Rev1 mandates stringent safety requirements for our personnel to ensure every individual returns home to his or her family and children.

We engage our personnel in the field by offering corporate wide, employee led safety moments on a weekly basis. It drives engagement, but more importantly, it helps to prevent injury or could even save a life. Coupled with daily toolbox talks, we can deliver a message and reinforce the idea that safety is a 24 hour job.

We are a target zero organization and strive to reach that goal on every project in which we support. We adhere to the ISO 45001 certification for health and safety management systems and have a zero tolerance policy for safety violations. 

With Rev1, our safety is as important as the successful delivery of the project which is why we say Safe Startup = Successful Startup.